On June 3, 2015, Leader Mutual Freight System (Dallas) successfully completed the challenge of transporting two full size Recreational Vehicles/Mobil Homes (RVs) from Houston, Texas to Cambodia. The transport of the two RVs provided numerous challenges for the Leader Mutual Freight global family. Consideration of the freight’s size, routing, communication and other logistical issues really brought out the commitment to excellence of the LMF global family.

For example, in order to accommodate the size of the RVs, the only option for transport was to arrange a special Roll-on/Roll-off service in Houston for the transport to Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The destination was also a challenge since the vessel was unable to unload the two large RVs in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. LMF-DFW had to work through and consider numerous transit scenarios that would have the capacity to accommodate the RVs’ size. Numerous routes from Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand were considered until it was decided that the freight would be processed through LMF-BKK due to the feasibility and workability of the port. With the help from LMF from Thailand (LMF-BKK), we were able to utilize the barge service at Leam Chabang port in Thailand to transit these RVs to Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

In addition to the challenge of solving the size of the RVs, both LMF-DFW and LMF-BKK also had to coordinate and overcome various communication issues between the shipping, barge, RV, and DG companies as well as the shipper, consignee, and brokers in both Thailand and Cambodia which truly made this project an international effort.

Lastly, the documentation required for this shipment was also unique. Extra attention had to be given to the documentation process for the bill of lading, hazmat declaration, certificate of origin, customs clearance and transit permit and numerous other details required for this type of shipment

Both general managers from DFW and BKK were on site at the ports in Bangkok, Thailand and Sihanoukville, Cambodia to foresee the loading and unloading process until the completion of the challenging RV delivery from Houston to Cambodia.

LMF-DFW and the entire LMF global family are proud of our accomplishment and this is just one of the many challenges that demonstrate our commitment to the demands of each of our customers.

Our special thanks to Mr. Justin Wang, General Manger of Leader Mutual Freight (BKK) for his dedication.


2016-10-31 LMF/CTU Successfully Executes Challenging Helicopter Transport
For the past decade, the Chengdu office of Leader Mutual Freight Systems (LMF/CTU) has distinguished itself by providing
the best transport services in the southwest region of China and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
The LMF/CTU team has taken on many projects of all sizes, but in June 2016, it received its biggest challenge
to date: Xiangyun General Aviation Corporation, also known as Xiangyun G.A., sent out a request for proposal
(RFP) to all freight forwarders in the area to transport a BHR helicopter from TN37620 in the United States to
Dangcheng Yading Airport in Sichuan. Considering the size, weight, and worth of a helicopter, this would be an
unprecedentedly complex task. LMF/CTU immediately formed a task force dedicated to respond to this RFP. This
team gathered notes and advice from other LMF branches that had successfully transported helicopters. After numerous
consultations with the LMF executive team, conversations with subject matter experts in the high tech and aviation
industries, and countless drafts and edits, LMF/CTU won the business easily with a stellar proposal that overshadowed
the other bidders.
2016-09-23 Leader Mutual Website start using Responsive Web Design (RWD)
Web Design (RWD); the web page can browse the suitable system automatically and auto layout according to the different internet
system. RWD can support many browsing system, such as desk PC, laptop, iPad or smartphone etc. When you access
internet through smartphone, you won’t be busy dragging on zoom In & zoom out.
2016-09-20 The 13th Annual Sino - International Freight Forwarders
The 13th Annual Sino - International Freight Forwarders Conference 18-21 Sep 2016, Shanghai, China
2016-06-09 "Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology Hubei Province Museum De 2016-09-19
On June 17, 2014, Leader Mutual became the official transport partner for a special exhibit in which ancient artifacts from
the Hubei Province Museum are being displayed at Shihsan Hang Museum of Archaeology in New Taipei.


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