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Company History

Making Our Mark With Perishables; Putting Service First

On July 1, 1979, Ms. Fanny Chung and Mr. Mark Lee established Leader Mutual Freight System in Taipei, Taiwan. In those early days, Leader Mutual established its reputation by specializing in perishables, an area that was overlooked by our competitors. We transported large fish (e.g., tuna and spearfish) to Japan, fertile duck eggs to Singapore, and vegetables and fresh flowers to Hong Kong. In fact, for the last 40 years, the Taipei Flower Market has sought Leader Mutual as its sole source vendor for transporting flowers to and from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Central America. Our perishables business has continued to blossom. In the last decade, for example, we have frequently shipped Pacific lobster, U.S.-imported cheese, ham, vegetables and fruits to Taipei; China Daily Times, Business Week and other publications to Shanghai and Beijing; and even betel nuts (a Taiwanese specialty) to Hong Kong and Shenzhen daily. All of these are extremely time-sensitive goods, and Leader Mutual expertly handles this type of cargo every day. When it comes to transporting perishables, there are no holidays, weekends or vacations. Ms. Chung and Mr. Lee built the Leader Mutual perishables business with hard work, dedication, attention to detail, a passion for great service and strict quality standards. Before too long, they set the gold standard for perishables in the forwarding world. The Leader Mutual team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is always ready to take action — even during a hurricane or a national holiday, clients can always reach someone on our team. This type of dedication forms a great foundation for success in perishables and many other areas.

Forging Into Electronics

While our competitors were concentrating on the transport of traditional bulk products, we began taking on work for clients who manufactured electronics. These intricate products (such as motherboards and other computer parts) had small volume but required on-time, accurate delivery. From our perishables experience, Leader Mutual was well-positioned to meet these clients’ demands for timely delivery. Seagate, Compaq, Digital, etc., were all our “live commercials” for our expertise in the electronics transportation business. How does Leader Mutual not only survive in the highly competitive forwarding environment, but also break out as the pack leader? It all comes down to two reasons: One, for quite a while, many large forwarders focused on transportation between Asia to America and Europe — long and high-yield routes. At the same time, Leader Mutual quietly put down roots and established our own kingdom within Asia, where, at the time, transportation costs were relatively low compared to the volume of business and competition. Reason number two goes back to our start in perishables, which gave us great training and experience to hone our service and quality.

The International Business Revolution Begins

In May of 1997, Mr. Allen Cheng, former president of Morrison Express USA, collaborated with Ms. Fanny Chung to establish the Los Angeles branch of Leader Mutual. Over the last decade, Mr. Cheng and Ms. Chung have founded the San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Dallas and Seattle offices in the United States. In the Far East, they have established the Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore locations. Finally, in China, they have opened offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Shenzhen, Xian, Chengdu, Tianjin, Chongqing, Qingdao. Please refer to the charts below for a timeline of when the various Leader Mutual offices were established.

1979 1996 1997 1997 1997

1999 2000 2000 2003 2003 2003

2003 2003 2005 2005 2006 2006 2006

2007 2007 2010 2012 2012 2012 2014 2016 2017

Semiconductor Transport Becomes Leader Mutual’s Hallmark

When Leader Mutual first began operations in the United States, Mr. Allen Cheng managed to bring Taiwan’s Science-Based Industrial Park’s (SBIP) semiconductor business with him. At the same time, Leader Mutual unveiled standard operating procedures (SOP) especially designed for the transport of semiconductors and other intricate equipment. From pursuing purchase orders, communicating with manufacturing plants, testing and packaging, inland transportation logistics to securing airline cargo space, and the countless other details in between, Leader mutual has an expert to complete each step. We also have a special checklist for semiconductor projects to properly account for each process. Because of our professionalism, we have earned a stellar reputation in Taiwan’s SBIP over the last 10 years. Our cutting-edge client companies include 12-inch wafer OEM FAB such as TSMC, UMC, POWERCHIP, PROMOS, WINBOND, and VANGUARD, just to name a few, for the transport of their heavy equipment from Europe and America. Leader Mutual has also become the leading agent for moving large machinery from Europe and America with China Airlines and EVA Air. Each year our tonnage is more significant and record-breaking than the one before.

Leader Mutual Ventures Into China

In 2000, China’s electronics and wafer OEM FAB industries began developing, and as usual, Leader Mutual was there. In 2002, Leader Mutual successfully moved an entire production line for 6-inch wafer OEM FAB from Taipei to Ningbo, making history as the first forwarder to move an entire semiconductor manufacturing line. In the middle of 2004, TSMC decided to set up its 10th FAB in Songjiang, Shanghai. Leader Mutual stood out among the many competitors and won the assignment of transporting 800 tons of heavy equipment from Taipei to Songjiang. Leader Mutual took advantage of new route, launched by EVA Airways, in its joint operations with Shanghai Airlines, and successfully chartered several 747 cargo airplanes from Taipei to Shanghai via Macau, once again making a big splash in the Taiwanese air freight world.

Leader Mutual’s Historic Achievement – First cargo charter Over Taiwan Strait

In 2005, after many years of successful experience in semiconductor transport, Ms. Fanny Chung personally moved to Shanghai in order to establish the semiconductor business in China. With our customs clearance service, logistics and tracking design process offerings, and our ability to keep up with China’s ever-changing customs regulations and government demands, we quickly became many electronics companies’ preferred partner and made a name for ourselves in China’s competitive environment. At end of 2005, TSMC decided to move another production line of almost 1,000 tons of equipment from Taiwan to Shanghai. With Leader Mutual’s careful planning and smooth partnership with China Airlines, the two firms made history on July 19, 2006, as they signed the first-ever 747-400 cargo charter for direct flight over the Taiwan Strait. This significant move meant a more direct route for cargo traveling from Taiwan to China. Leader Mutual holds the honor of being the first (and only) forwarder to secure such a charter. At the end of 2007, PROMOS Technology established an 8-inch wafer OEM FAB in Chongqing and gave Leader Mutual a major assignment: to move their entire manufacturing line in the short span of three months. We successfully finished the project on time by using charter flights to move freight gathered from Japan, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan. Partnering once again with China Airlines, we oversaw 11 747-400 cargo flights from Taipei directly to Chongqing, creating a record total of 16 bicoastal (Taiwan to China) direct cargo flights. To this day, Leader Mutual is the only forwarder in the industry with direct bicoastal flight experience.

Yet Another Specialty – Aviation Parts

Leader Mutual also specializes in the transport of aviation parts and equipment. When Leader Mutual established its presence in the United States, following the trail that Mr. Allen Cheng blazed, all the well-known airline carriers, such as Air China Group, China Eastern Airlines Group, etc., entrusted the transport of all their aviation parts, engines, raw materials and other imports from America, to Leader Mutual. When it comes to AOG 24-hour rush service, Leader Mutual is practically the only choice for these companies. To provide comprehensive, timely service for all clients, Leader Mutual has aviation departments in its Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu and Guangzhou offices. Our professionalism has earned us high praise and an excellent reputation in aviation field. We believe that Leader Mutual will become a national leader in aviation transport over the next decade.

Hong Kong: The Depot of Networks before Bicoastal Three-Way Communication; a Bridge to China

At end of 1997, Leader Mutual began operations in Hong Kong. Over the last 10 years, our extremely experienced, dedicated and hard-working Hong Kong manager, Mr. Danny Tang, has not only inherited the transport of traditional goods (e.g., garments and shoes), which had shifted from Taiwan to Southern China, and risen to become the top five forwarders with China Airlines in Hong Kong , but has also seen Hong Kong, became a major transit hub for cargo to and from China because of China’s rapid growth. Mr. Tang has made many personal sacrifices without complaint in order to ensure that cargo passes smoothly through Hong Kong. All the Leader Mutual offices around the world are indebted to Mr. Tang, whose dedication is largely responsible for built Leader Mutual’s reputation for quality service.

Establishing the European Market – Introducing Dachser Taiwan, Inc.

In May 2004, the German transportation company, Dachser, ended its long partnership with Morrison Express in Taiwan and began searching for another top-quality partner. The company recognized that there was no competition in Taiwan for Leader Mutual in terms of ability to attract and retain clients, as well as experience and relationships with airline carriers. They chose to work with Leader Mutual. Leader Mutual partnered with Dascher on a 50/50 joint venture, in order to expand our offerings in Europe and take advantage of Dachser’s extensive European trucking network. In a short few years, Dachser Taiwan, Inc., has already become a top contender on the Europe route. We have successfully chartered the world’s largest cargo plane (Russia’s TU225) from Germany into Taoyuan International airport, in order to transport an entire production line for a SBIP client. This has earned us much renown in the industry.

Our success is all due to our branch managers’ dedication and hard work. At Leader Mutual, everyone pitches in — no job is too small even for our top executives. We have longstanding relationships with our vendor partners and our clients, and we pride ourselves on always having our fingers on the pulse of the marketplace.



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