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Company Vision

“To establish a seamless global network and, together with esteemed industry peers, create real-time, efficient and economical transportation services, while maintaining the highest standards for quality and customer service.”

Leader Mutual Freight System was founded on July 1, 1979. In the last 20 years, we have established a unique company culture – “strict discipline,” based on our exacting quality standards. We are known for our top quality service and our reasonable prices. Thanks to our dedication, perseverance, passion and teamwork, Leader Mutual has grown from a regional forwarder to a global organization. There is no task too great, and no problem we can’t solve. We work seven days a week to meet our clients’ needs. By completing our assignments on time and accurately, we enhance our clients’ ability to compete in the marketplace. In addition to all typical goods on the market, Leader Mutual also transports intricate high tech equipment, semiconductors, aviation parts, engines, and many other special products. Organizations who have worked with us value our extensive experience, professionalism and service. Since 1997, our family has grown. We have built Leader Mutual’s network link by link with experienced and reliable partners. We are united in our goal: “We will never compromise the quality of our service; our reputation will always be untarnished.”



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