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"Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology Hubei Province Museum Designate Leader Mutual to Transport Precious Artifacts"

On June 17, 2014, Leader Mutual became the official transport partner for a special exhibit in which ancient artifacts from the Hubei Province Museum are being displayed at Shihsan Hang Museum of Archaeology in New Taipei. This endeavor called for cross-strait transportation of many items with historic and artistic value. Leader Mutual was responsible for a total of 117 valuable items, including stone carvings of sun worshipers, a ceramic chalice, various ceramic animals, jade animals, and colorful ceramic mugs, all with great cultural significance to the Chinese people. As part of our assignment, Leader Mutual handled everything from meticulously packing the items, bonded trucking, warehousing, monitoring the customs and inspections process, and ensuring timely delivery to Shihsan Hang Museum. At every step along the way, an experienced Leader Mutual team member was there to personally manage this momentous, sensitive project. Our dedicated, 24-hour service and unsurpassed attention to detail have earned us the confidence and praise of Hubei Province Museum. With our experience and commitment to our clients, Leader Mutual is well equipped to be the transport partner for Hubei Province Museum and other museums and institutions.


Leader Mutual Makes History Again With Its Cargo Charter Operation

On July 29, 2009, Leader Mutual Freight System once again completed a historic cargo charter flight project for a high-tech manufacturer. Traffic right had long restricted main deck air freight activity between Korea and Taiwan. Leader Mutual received a request from a high-tech client to transport high-tech equipments from Incheon, Korea to Taipei, Taiwan. Leader Mutual worked with China Airlines, who also made this project its number one priority, to promptly secure approval from the Korean and Taiwanese governments for the first ever Nation Carrier direct cargo charter flight between the two countries. Mr. Allen Cheng, CEO of Leader Mutual, oversaw the secure transport of the high-tech equipments himself. He rode on this historic flight in person & escorted the cargo, which landed successfully at Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan at noon on July 29, 2009. Leader Mutual has once again made aviation history and earned high praise from its clients.

Leader Mutual Freight System Inc. held the 30-years anniversary party.

Leader Mutual Freight System, Inc., celebrated its 30-year anniversary on July 1, 2009. In honor of this milestone, we held a special banquet at Denwell Reception Hall, Neihu. We were honored to have so many esteemed guests that evening. In attendance were the top leaders and representatives from all of our airline and shipping partners, longtime clients, valued vendors, managers and exemplary employee representatives from each Leader Mutual branch office, as well as the entire Taiwan-based team. The Chairman of China Airlines, Mr. Philip Wei, gave a speech during the banquet to recognize our achievements during the last 30 years. On behalf of all employees, Mr. Allen Cheng, CEO of Leader Mutual, presented surprise Lifetime Achievement Awards to Leader Mutual President Ms. Fanny Chung and Vice-president Mr. Mark Lee in recognition of their hard work and dedication to our organization. The highlight of the evening was when Ms. Fanny Chung sang with Mr. H. H. Sun (President of China Airlines), Mr. Brian Chow (VP of China Airlines) and Mr. Alex Liu (Cargo VP of China Airlines), Mr. James Jeng’s (President of EVA Airways) singing, add by Mr. Allen Cheng’s singing in humorous emceeing style, as well as many spectacular singing performances, a good time was had by all. The party was adjourned in the music of the “Good Night Song” led by Fanny Chung and the entire Leader Mutual employees.


Designated forwarding agent of Beijing Imperial Palace & Nanjing JiangSu provincial museum.

In September and December of 2008, we had cooperated-undertook with designated forwarding agent of Beijing Imperial Palace & Nanjing JiangSu provincial museum to transport Country-Level Cultural Relics to the overseas country exhibitions. Cargo contained Calligraphy, Painting, Chinaware, Jade carving, Antique Furniture in total 150 sets. The entire journey, we provided service including the packing, Security、the Customs formality (bonded transfer, Customs declaration), the warehousing, the domestic Customs supervision, the palletizing and the other relevant services. And our specialist completed needs of the highly specialized arduous tasks and service 24-7. By the premium quality service and the successful shipping arrangements, we’ve won Beijing Imperial Palace affirmation and the greatly appreciation and we are surely to obtain more collaboration opportunity with specialized agents of Beijing Imperial Palace and other Museum in the near future.

Leader Mutual Freight System Awarded 2007 “Best Quality Supplier of the Year” Award GE Medical Systems

Leader Mutual was honored to receive GE Medical Systems’ 2007 Best Quality Supplier of the Year Award. Leader Mutual provides air and ocean freight logistic services for GE Medical Systems’ high tech medical equipment. This honor was awarded on May 21, 2008, in a ceremony in Beijing.

Leader Mutual Opens CTSP Branch Office

To enhance service to our high tech industry clients and to pursue business opportunities in Taiwan’s Central Taiwan Science park (CTSP), Leader Mutual’s CTSP branch office began operations on July 31, 2008. The office is located at: Room#202, 2F, No. 29, Keya West Road, Daya Township, Taichung County, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel:886 4 2560 9113 Ctc: Mr. Michael Chen


Promos establishes 8-inch wafer plant in Chongqing, another successful cross-strait cargo charter project

At the end of 2007, PROMOS Technology established an 8-inch wafer OEM fab in Chongqing and gave Leader Mutual a major assignment: to move their entire manufacturing line in the short span of three months. We successfully finished the project on time by using charter flights to move freight gathered from Japan, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan. Partnering once again with China Airlines, we oversaw 11 747-400 cargo flights from Taipei directly to Chongqing, creating a record total of 16 bicoastal (Taiwan to China) direct cargo flights. To this day, Leader Mutual is the only forwarder in the industry with direct bicoastal flight experience.

Award received from Rexchip Electronics: “2007 Excellent Vendor Award”

At Jan. 17th, 2008, to show their appreciation of our excellent performance in moving more than 2,000 tons of machines in a span of only five months from the United States and Europe in 2007 without any delays or damages, the Taichung-based Rexchip Electronics, the world’s leading D-Ram manufacturer, bestowed the “2007 Excellent Vendor Award” on Leader Mutual Freight System. The entire Leader Mutual team is proud of this achievement and special honor.


Second production line of TSMC FAB 10, first cargo charter to fly over Taiwan Strait - Leader Mutual and China Airlines make history together

At end of 2005, TSMC decided to move another production line of almost 1,000 tons of equipment from Taiwan to Shanghai. With Leader Mutual’s careful planning and smooth partnership with China Airlines, the two firms made history on July 19, 2006, as they signed the first-ever 747-400 cargo charter for direct flight over the Taiwan Strait. This significant move meant a more direct route for cargo traveling from Taiwan to China. Leader Mutual holds the honor of being the first (and only) forwarder to secure such a charter.


Establishing European market – Introducting Dachser Taiwan

In May 2004, the German transportation company, Dascher, ended its long partnership with Morrison Express in Taiwan and began searching for another top-quality partner. The company recognized that there was no competition in Taiwan for Leader Mutual in terms of ability to attract and retain clients, as well as experience and relationships with airline carriers. They chose to work with Leader Mutual. Leader Mutual partnered with Dachser on a 50/50 joint venture, in order to expand our offerings in Europe and take advantage of Dachser’s extensive European trucking network. In a short few years, Dachser Taiwan, Inc., has already become a top contender on the Europe route. We have successfully chartered the world’s largest cargo plane (Russia’s TU225) from Germany into Taoyuan International airport, in order to transport an entire production line for a SBIP client. This has earned us much renown in the industry.

TSMC’s 8-inch wafer plant moving project: From Taipei to Songjiang, Shanghai

In the middle of 2004, TSMC decided to set up its 10th FAB in Songjiang, Shanghai. Leader Mutual stood out among the many competitors and won the assignment of transporting 800 tons of heavy equipment from Taipei to Songjiang. Leader Mutual took advantage of new route, launched by EVA Airways, in its joint operations with Shanghai Airlines, and successfully chartered several 747 cargo airplanes from Taipei to Shanghai via Macau, once again making a big splash in the Taiwanese air freight world.



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