Warehousing and logistics are becoming more important each day, as demand grows for in inland and trucking services, and as the overall business climate changes.

Leader Mutual provides complete warehousing and logistics services, and helps clients with each detail, every step of the way. We have 24-hour surveillance systems in place so that you can have complete confidence in the security of your products. Our services include: ‧ Bonded warehouses ‧ Loose freight storage ‧ In and out transfer of containers ‧ Sorting, bar-coding, packaging and distribution logistics ‧ Inventory management

In recent years, due to China lifting restrictions on free-trade and bonded distribution zones, many business districts have risen in succession — particularly in coastal areas, such as the borders of Shanghai. Leader Mutual has met our clients’ resulting needs, and we have reliable vendor partners in each of these new business districts. We continue to deliver a wide range of personalized solutions, such as customs service, storage, delivery, and warehousing and logistics, for our clients.



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