Customs Brokerage


As the transportation industry changes, DDU and DDP business trend has slowly taken hold.

Leader Mutual has responded by implementing customs clearance service at each of our global branch offices, so that we can provide customs clearance service to our clients on a 24/7 basis. In the United States, paperless customs clearance service is available, as well as real-time perishables cargo customs clearance, including face-to-face negotiation with customs representatives and government agents for efficient issues resolution.

In China, Leader Mutual has its own customs clearance staff, providing just-in-time service and advice on how to navigate complex tax protection laws. We keep ourselves abreast of customs laws and regulations, and we notify clients immediately of any relevant changes. Our goal is to always stay one step ahead of our clients, so that we can help them avoid problems during customs inspections and achieve efficient distribution of their products.



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