Service Philosophy


At Leader Mutual Freight System, where we first made our name in the transportation of perishables, our service philosophy is simple: We keep working until the job is done, no matter what time of day. We are dedicated to serving your needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The quality and dedication of our customer service team will lead you back to Leader Mutual time and again.

The managers of our global branch offices each have at least 15 years of freight and cargo experience and share a rich wealth of industry knowledge. They are fluent in Mandarin and English, and they have a deep knowledge of both Asian and Western business etiquette and cultural practices. These skills, coupled with our expertise and excellent customer service, allow Leader Mutual to confidently handle trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic Routes. Because we can anticipate our clients’ needs and ensure that their shipments are compliant with customs regulations, we save them time, money, and stress.

Thanks to our extensive experience in transporting intricate semiconductor and high tech equipment, and our ability to design detailed standard operating procedures (SOP), we have built a large client base in Taiwan’s SBIP, CTSP and STSP. Our clients trust our expertise so completely that they routinely place billions of dollars worth of equipment in our care. They know that we will always secure the appropriate cargo space and the most direct route, and that we will deliver all of their equipment to their final destinations on time, without errors. With Leader Mutual, our clients never have to sacrifice manufacturing time because of transport issues. For all these reasons, Leader Mutual has become the ultimate choice for transportation of semiconductor and high tech equipment — we are second to none in the industry.



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